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Program Outcomes(PO)

Students in the UG Civil Engineering programme at the time of their graduation are expected to have:

  1. An ability to identify and understand civil engineering problems.
  2. An ability to analyze real life civil engineering problems.
  3. An ability to apply civil engineering knowledge for design, construction, operation and maintenance of constructed facilities within realistic constraints such as technical, economic, environmental, political, social, safety and sustainability.
  4. An ability to formulate, solve and simulate complex real life civil engineering problem using the imparted knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering, technology and optimization.
  5. An ability to work on projects of societal concerns independently and in teams.
  6. Demonstrate professional practice through participation in multidisciplinary activities.
  7. Demonstrate high regards for engineering ethics and ethical responsibility.
  8. An ability to apply the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
  9. An ability to understand contemporary issues.
  10. Ability for effective communication and interaction.
  11. An ability to engage in lifelong learning in relation with global, economic, environmental and societal context, through civil engineering projects.

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