Faculty with PhD


SR. NO. PROGRAM Name of the Faculty Member Specialisation Year of Completion
1 CIVIL ENGINEERING Dr. Y. M. Ghugal Structural Engineering 2000
Dr. S. S. Valunjkar Civil Engineering 2000
Dr. Mrs. S. K. Hirde Structural Engineering 2003
Dr. M. N. Hedaoo Civil Engineering 2011
2 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Dr. P. M. Khodke Mechanical Engineering 1997
Dr. S. S. Mohite MEMS 2008
Dr. R. M. Varkhedkar CAD Mechanical Engineering 2008
3 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Dr. P. M. Joshi Power Transformers 2009
4 GENERAL SCIENCE AND MATHS Dr. K. N. Alsundkar Organic Chemistry 2010
Dr. S. H. Chowgule Materials Science 2008

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