Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Department of Mechanical Engineering has a strong undergraduate programme in Mechanical Engineering, B. E., (Mechanical) since 1960. From the academic year 2015-16 autonomous B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering degree is offered. Post graduate programmedis being offered in M. Tech. Mechanical -Production, Mechanical- HPE since 1967. Another programme M. Tech. Mechanical- Design Engineering is being offered since 2019. Beside teaching undergraduate and post graduate students, the faculty of Mechanical Engineeringactively pursuing academic and industrial research. Department is a recognised research centre for doctoral programme under Shivaji University Kolhapur (SUK). Department has well equipped laboratories, computational and research facilities to support academic programmes and carryout collaborative, interdisciplinary research centre. Department hasr eceived funding from agencies and undertaking sponsored projects, testing and consultancy services. Department offers on interactive learning environment with appropriate blends oftheory and practicals. The primary focus of curriculum is to impart technical know-how to students, promote their problem-solving skills and nurture their innate talent. Department has a state of art centre of excellence in computer integrated manufacturing (CIM). A Vibrant SAE club, Mechanical Engineering Student Association (MESA) and other 15 clubs organiseseveral co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the all-round development of students.

Departmental Vision Mission

Vision : "Be a nationally recognized mechanical engineering department that provides right academic ambience and nurtures innate talent of students"

Mission : "Prepare engineering students for successful career by imparting knowledge, skills & right attitude."


  • To develop Leadership, event management, communication skills among students.
  • To let them experience resource handling.
  • To nurture creativity among students through various events
  • To aware students about recent developments through guest lectures..
  • Career guidance to students.