Know about our Chairman



Shri. Moreshwar Bhalsing, 
Chairman, Board of Governance, 
Government College of Engineering, Karad  

Know About Our Chairman

As the BOG Chairman of the esteemed Government College of Engineering Karad (GECK), it is my utmost pleasure and privilege to extend a warm welcome to all aspiring engineering students, faculty members, industry partners, and stakeholders. Since our inception in 1960, GECK has provided a high-quality educational environment that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, and professional success among our students. 

As we stand on the verge of a new era with the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP), we recognize the need for change and evolution in engineering education. Gone are the days when engineering education was confined within college campuses with limited industry participation. Embracing the NEP, we are committed to aligning ourselves with global skill requirements and the dynamic needs of our industry accordingly, when whole world is looking at India as a main source of Talent/Skills.  

Our vision for NEP implementation is rooted in creating a paradigm shift in the way we nurture our students' talents and aspirations. We aim to break the traditional barriers and provide exposure to diverse and futuristic career opportunities. By collaborating with our esteemed industry partners, we will bridge the gap between academia and the corporate world, giving our students the chance to pursue careers that truly resonate with their passions and eventually shielding them from tumbling into accidental careers.  

Moreover, we understand the significance of encouraging a strong sense of social responsibility, ethics, and leadership skills in our students. NEP focuses not only on academic excellence but also on holistic development, equipping our graduates with the qualities that will make them well-rounded professionals and responsible citizens. 

I take this opportunity to extend an earnest appeal to industries to join hands with us in co-developing future skill competencies that align with their business growth plans in India and overseas. GEC Karad is ready to forge strategic partnerships for joint research projects that address local industry challenges, making them globally competitive. Our senior faculties, along with our Ph.D. and postgraduate students, are keen to contribute their expertise to such endeavours. 

On behalf of BOG, I vow to uphold and preserve the cherished values and traditions that have made GEC Karad a beacon of excellence over the years. BOG will be fully committed for providing a conducive environment for academic excellence. Together, let us pave the way for a brighter future for our students, empowering them to become trailblazers in their chosen fields. 

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to faculty, staff, students, and our industry partners for their unwavering support and dedication. With your continued collaboration, we will steer in a new era of education, innovation, and progress at GEC Karad. 

Thank you and welcome to GEC Karad - where academic brilliance meets limitless opportunities!