Statutory Committees



The Academic Performance Evaluation Committee (non-statuary) is formed to maintain uniformity in syllabus structures of all departments. The APEC makes its recommendations to Academic Council for its approval. APEC members are Dean Academics, All chairman of BOSs and member secretaries of BOS.


The Board of Studies for various programmes are constituted.

The structure of BOS is as follows

  1. Chairman – the concerned program head.
  2. The entire faculty of each specialization,
  3. Two experts in the subject from outside the institute to be nominated by the academic council,
  4. One expert to be nominated by Vice-Chancellor from a panel of six recommended by principal,
  5. One expert from industry/ corporate sector/ allied area relating to placement,
  6. One PG meritorious alumnus to be nominated by the principle. Chairman BOS may with the approval of the principal of the institute, co-opt
    1. Expert from outside the institute, whenever special courses of studies are to be formulated,
    2. Other members of the staff of the same faculty.


  1. Prepare syllabi for various courses, keeping in view objective of the institute,
  2. Suggest methodologies for innovative teaching and evaluation techniques,
  3. Suggest panel of names to the academic council for examiners and
  4. Coordinate research, teaching, extension and other academic activities.


The Departmental Board of Studies (non-statuary) is functional for giving its recommendations to respective BOS for inclusion/omission of the courses/courses contents. The DBOS consists of all faculty members of the department.



  1. Budget estimate relating to grant from UGC and income from fees etc.,
  2. Audit accounts for the above.


In addition to Academic Council and Board of Studies, the following committees are formed at the institute level to coordinate various activities related to Autonomy.


Functions :

  1. Under the directions of the BOM shall carry on construction of all major works, after the necessary administrative approval and expenditure sanction from the Board of Management;
  2. Has the power to give the necessary administrative approval and expenditure sanction for minor works and works pertaining to repair and maintenance within the approved budgetary provision of the Institute;
  3. cause to prepare estimates of cost of buildings and other capital works minor works, repairs, maintenance and the like;
  4. be responsible for making technical scrutiny of the design, estimates and specifications of the material as may be considered necessary;
  5. has the power to settle rates not covered by tender and settle claims and disputes with contractors;
  6. The Building and Works Committee shall also perform such function and exercise such powers as may be entrusted by the BOM, from time to time.



The committee shall be responsible to conduct examinations.

The structure shall be.

  1. The Controller of Examinations (Shivaji University representative)
  2. The Controller of Examinations (Institute)-Member- Secretary
  3. Principal / Director of the institute
  4. All HODs
  5. Two faculty nominated by Academic Council

Departmental Committees:

  1. DUPC (Departmental Undergraduate Program Committee) : This committee consists of all faculty members of the department. This Committee assists BOS in framing the syllabus, conduct of exams and declaration of results for the undergraduate program of the department.
  2. DPPC (Departmental Postgraduate Program Committee) : This committee consists of all faculty members of the department. This Committee assists BOS in framing the syllabus, conduct of exams and declaration of results for the Post graduate program of the department.
  3. DIAB (Departmental Industry Advisory Board) : This committee consist of experts from industry of the respective discipline. This Committee assists in knowing expectations of industry from students as well as contemporary contents in the curriculum.

GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL COMMITTEE: To address to the grievances of the student about examination and other academic matters, a GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL COMMITTEE, comprising of the following is constituted.

  1. Prof. (Dr) P. M. Joshi, Chairman
  2. Mr. S. K. Patil, Dean - Student Affairs, Member
  3. Mr. S. N. Patil, Administrative Officer, Member


The committee comprising of the following members is constituted.

  1. Mrs. U. V. Kanade, Chairman
  2. Mr. V. S. Jadhav, Member
  3. Mrs. P. R. Jadhav, Member
  4. Mrs. V. M. Bogar, Member
  5. Mrs. P. P. Shinde, Member
  6. Mrs. U. S. Patil, Member
  7. Ms. N. M. Mule, Member

This committee is responsible for preparation of Exam time table, Academic calendar etc.